With our own experience and via partner suppliers we can offer:

Sawn, planed and profiled timber
• Swedish Redwood, Whitewood
• Finnish Redwood, Whitewood
• Baltic Pine, Spruce and Birch
• Russian Pine, Spruce, Larch and Birch
• US Ponderosa, Yellow Pine and Hemlock
• SPF (Spruce Pine Fir)

• Scandinavian Spruce, Pine, Birch
• Baltic/Russian Oak, Ash, Beech, Spruce, Pine, Birch
• European Oak, Ash, Beech, Poplar
• Southern Hemisphere Radiate Pine
• US Southern Yellow and Ponderosa Pine, Hemlock
• African Exotic Species

Sawn hardwood, edged and un-edged
Red Oak, White Oak, Beech, Larch, Linden, Ash, Cherry, Linden, Elm, Maple, Walnut, Alder, Poplar, African Exotic Varieties

Other products
Wood Chips, Plywood, Glued Block board, MDF, Round Poles, Telegraph Poles, Pallet Wood and Prefabricated Pallets, Railway Sleepers

On request
Other products on request, please contact us.

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