The Trätälja Way

Introduced by the current owner, ”The Trätälja Way” identifies a set of key of values which outline the way AB Trätälja operates in a true partnership with our customers and suppliers.

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden sees Trätälja not only on the doorstep of some 23 million hectares of ecologically managed forest but also in the heart of the worlds largest market place for wood related products.

The Trätälja Way is:

  • ensuring that we maintain professionalism in everything we do.
  • to work in close cooperation with our customers, thinking innovatively to add value, continually searching for a better way and focusing on progress with a long term prospective.
  • to listen to our customers, helping our customers take advantage of their business opportunities.
  • to use our history, experience and knowledge of trade for future success.
Our motto is ”We are what we do”.

AB Trätälja | P.O. Box 35021, S-400 24 Gothenburg, Sweden
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