Our history

AB Trätälja was founded as a limited company under its present name in 1906 by Percy Lundwall and Ivar Billquist. Tratalja’s first sawmill was opened during 1915.

Trätälja is named after the Swedish Viking leader Olof Trätälja, first noted in history around 610 AD. His way of clearing land gave him the nickname, Olaf the Tree Feller or Olof the Carpenter.

Olof and the Vikings of Sweden were tradesmen and explorers, traveling throughout Europe and beyond, eventually reaching the Arabian Gulf. With our Viking heritage, trading, timber, shipping and establishing new markets, runs through our history like a red thread.

Trätälja has been exporting timber to Middle Eastern and North African markets since 1946. As the first company to export Swedish timber to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we take pride in our ability to provide buyers with products of the right quality, through an impeccable supply chain.
Tratalja enjoys working with long term business relationships and in fact we still work with many of the same companies today, some 60 years on!

From our base in Sweden, Gothenburg, AB Trätälja have access to vast volumes of high quality timber from the 23 million hectares of ecologically managed forests, right on our doorstep Gothenburg is said to be the largest wood marketing center in the world. It is therefore natural that beside wood itself, shipping is also a key expertise. Whether securing shipping space or chartering entire vessels, we rely on modern communications to follow the freight market and ensure timely delivery of our products. Computerised document handling means speedy delivery of correct shipping documentation.

We are doing business The Trätälja Way.
By Tradition, Commitment and Innovation.

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